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Budget Europe Travel Service (BETS) was founded in 1978. We specialize in European rail travel and have over the years assisted countless thousands of people prepare for their European trips; plan itineraries; cut costs; avoid common travel problems; get off the beaten track; purchase railpasses, travel luggage, moneybelts and other travel accessories -- in short, helping each traveler achieve a dream vacation.
Contact Us! We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan; contact us by mail at PO Box 130812, Ann Arbor, MI 48113, or by phone at 800-441-2387, or 734-668-0529 (phone hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern Time).

European Rail Questions? Visit budgeteuropetravel.com or call us at 800-441-2387, or 734-668-0529 to find out ALL about European rail travel. When you call BETS, you will talk to an expert, NOT a "temp" who doesn't even know where Europe is! The BETS team have been railpassing in Europe annually for years. And that is why you will find us to be your best resource when planning your trip...because we have actually done it ourselves! And we are happy to share our experiences! So just call! Most firms will only give you limited advice before you buy and almost none after you buy, but we'll give you our best advice before and after you buy your railpass or rail tickets from us! So why not buy from the experts? We've ridden just about every kind of train from milk-run locals to premier 200-mile-per-hour TGVs to overnight sleeper trains. We've ridden the scenic trains like the Bernina Express...enjoyed fabulous cruises on the Swiss lakes and the Rhine...hiked in the Alps and along the Cinque Terre...you name it, we've probably done it! Our experts who have actually ridden Europe's trains, such as the Glacier Express in Switzerland, the Bergen Express in Norway, and the Little Yellow Train in France, will be happy to answer any of your rail itinerary questions and will make sure that you get the best railpass or point-to-point tickets for your trip. If you need help planning your rail itinerary, please call BETS, the European rail experts!
BETS' #1 Goal: BETS was established in 1978 to serve the needs of the independent, self-reliant European rail traveler. Because we're enthusiastic about European travel, and especially travel by rail there, our goal is to introduce you to the wonders of Europe by rail and provide the latest in practical, cost-saving travel insights. We have written the European Planning & Rail Guide with just this purpose in mind.
BETS' Travel Philosophy: Travel is one of the best teachers we know! Besides the inevitable learning, broadening and growth that is inherent in any travel experience, you will also have fun. We highly encourage you to see Europe on your own terms; the European tourist infrastructure provided to travelers of all budgets is tremendous. There is no need to lock yourself into a whirlwind guided tour...a "16 countries in 16 days" rigorous program...instead design your own personalized tour, at your own pace!
BETS' Rail Expertise: As European rail travel is our ONLY focus, and our BETS team has been booking rail for eons and traveling by rail in Europe for decades, we pride ourselves as being among the best (if not the best) at providing answers to rail questions. In fact, we're so confident in our knowledge that we invite you to check us out...challenge us! And it is our pledge to always recommend the best lowest-costing railpass or ticket for your itinerary! 
BETS' Travel Experience & Travel Research: When you call BETS, we promise you that you will be talking to a person who uses what we sell! That's right! Next time you want to buy a European railpass or ticket, why not test the person or company you are buying from...start with words like Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, AVE, ICE, and see what type of response you receive! Have they even heard of them? Do they know where Croatia is? Do they know what country Innsbruck is in? Have they heard of the Glacier Express? Have they ridden it? Do they know what a moneybelt is for? When was the last time they traveled by rail in Europe? Did they wear a moneybelt? Our rail experts take annual research trips to Europe, traveling by rail, using the moneybelts and other travel accessories that we sell, and continuing to learn from each trip! You can rest assured that the travel tips we provide are based on our own current and actual travel experiences! So...why not buy from an expert, someone who actually travels by rail in Europe each year, who wears a moneybelt? We encourage you to take advantage of us, ask us questions, and then reward us with your business! We are positive that you will not be disappointed!
BETS' Customer Service Policy: Service is part of our name because we believe our customers always come first! We aim to treat our customers like we ourselves would like to be treated. The BETS Customer Service Recipe: a scoop of courtesy and a dollop of helpfulness blended with a dab of humor and a heap of knowledge and all served up with zero attitude! (At least most days!) We promise!
BETS Respects Your Privacy! BETS will NOT share with, or sell to, ANY other organization ANY of the details of your order, including your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. That is a promise! We give you our word!

 BETS- The European Rail Experts